The “TIDE” is coming! !

High tide is on the WAY

Hello to all my readers, visitors, friends, & bloggers & happy holidays too
I’m just getting up for the day & got some AWESOME news I have been
praying for everyday & night & I feel like God has heard all our prayers.

We’ve have all been looking at what has been going on around the world
with how bad things are & how bad there going to get in the future for us
well if & when God gets his way he WILL turn the tides for you & every 1.

I have been sharing everything I’ve been hearing in the news with you
& yes I get it it’s like a broken record, but I feel that we need to know
well I’ve got some GREAT EXCITING news to share with you ALL. 👍

MUST WATCH < video, if you don’t get as excited about this as I am
that makes me wonder why? do you know something I’m missing?
It’s been a long hard road for every 1 that’s been struggling along.

I also have something else I’d like to share with you that you may be
interested in & this is something that I don’t hear or see around here
I know you talk about it & all but to do more than just talk about it.

Message Of God < video, Out of all the religious people I enjoy hearing
talk is her, I’ve been listening to her sermons for a long time & she has
held my attention since I 1st started listening to what she’s been saying

If You like what you heard & want to hear more then you have to hit
the subscribe & >🔔 where it says (all) & you’ll get all her videos to listen
to, not only that but you can go to her you tube channel & videos & choose.

With the crazy things we are seeing in the news & all that’s going on
we ALL need some relief of what ever good news we can get these days
cause I hate to say this but things aren’t looking good for the future.😢

This Is Where Things Get Dangerous <video, Lets get REAL here, I don’t
know about you, but this is going to be the WORST THING we could have
happen in EVERY 1’s lives right now, this is why I’m sharing this with you.

We Need to see & pray & hope things will turn around for EVERY 1’s sake
it’s a down right shame we have a gov’t that lies & sold us out to the bill
he is shoving down our necks to except, I don’t like it & neither should U.

If You don’t know what is in the bill then you need to really open your eyes
& ears to the real truth of what this so called President is doing to us ALL ! !
we are in for a RUDE AWAKENING when you sink this all in that you hear.

McCarthy’s speech Build Back Better bill <video I’ll warn you this isn’t a
short video, BUT I will say it’s something well worth knowing what’s in it
I listened to every bit of it & he has some GREAT POINTS you should know.

I hope you can make time or find the time to just let this run in the back
ground while your doing your thanksgiving meal rather your cooking it
or eating it or cleaning up the kitchen after the meal is ate & all is done.

Just listen to a few hours of it while you have guest eating their dinner
this is the BEST way to SHARE what’s coming to EVERY 1’s doorstep ! !
cause believe it or not as bad as I hate saying this >the bill PASSED. 😢

So I can’t stress this enough get ready for a MAJOR STORM TO HIT
cause things are going to be ROUGH & I just want to warn you of it
everything will be 10 times higher & a lot less food in your stores.

Well I hope I haven’t hurt your thanksgiving day or plans but I had
to let you know what I have been hearing from the news & share it
with you to give you a heads up warning of what’s coming our way.

Thank You, appreciate you stopping by & dropping your thoughts
here & your time as well as your likes & MAYBE sharing this with
others online somewhere, emails, social networks, friends, family.

I would really like to see others talk about this stuff beside me, if
you know of any 1 else writing about this please send me a link, so
I can check out what they are saying, I’d really like to engage in it


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