Shopped for the month

Shopping isn’t cheap

Well folks if I haven’t said it once B-4, I’ll it NOW ! inflation is REAL believe
it or not, we went to Wally world to get “SOME” Items to stock up on that
will cover us for the months ahead for next yr. if I had a photo of what we
bought you’d know what I’m talking about when we buy what we buy.

Anyway, we don’t buy a lot of 1 thing, but enough to last us awhile being
it’s just the 2 of us & 6 dogs to care for, so it cost us just about everything
we make between 3 ck’s a month, but DON’T WORRY we are COVERED! !

So we go shopping 5 hrs later & 250-300$ less I about fell OUT! ! & we don’t
get name brand stuff we buy as CHEAP as we can get away with for food &
everything else in between, we’re getting 3.30? for gas & milk is like 2? a gal
bread not a $ YET BUT not far from it, liking about 10 cents from a 1.00.

Milk bread & eggs is our MOST to stock up to last us for a month cause we
don’t have enough space to stock up for a few months but we make due &
do what we can with what we have to work with, the setup we have, WORKS
as long as something don’t jump out of the blue like a fridge go down. šŸ˜¢

I’m getting hubby’s fridge paid off in 2mos, Whew wipe my forehead, I didn’t
think I was going to get it paid off in time to save the interest fees if I missed
the cut off date, Thank you Lord ! I have 2 more pymts left & that’s a blessing.

The bank loan is just about paid off in a few months & the property will be
out of the way by May if everything goes right from here ON to the middle
of next year, the phone bill is paid till April, same for the trash bill, Amen! !

So here’s the thing people, when you set your mind on the RIGHT TRACK
in life you get your mind focused on what’s ahead & ask God to help you &
if you listen real good he’ll put you where you need to be no matter what
it is, ask & you shall receive & I THANK GOD every day of every hour of
the day for how he has guided us through some tough storms in our lives.

Friends, readers, visitors, bloggers, I hope you took the time to Thank god
for your blessing’s & enjoyed the day doing what ever you do, always know
that nothing happens without a reason that God almighty doesn’t know of.

I’ll leave you with that thought in your mind pondering about your heart &
hoping to hear back on what comes to mind after a few days, hr’s, however
long it takes, I’ll be here waiting, in the mean time take care & stay safe.

Thank You, for coming by, hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving day
may God be with you in the future ahead, we’re all in this together so
your not alone… you have any helpful tips to share to help others out
please be my guest to speak, I believe in free speech & open minded. šŸ””

2 responses to “Shopped for the month”

    • Me & hubby got started building
      our food storage 3-4 yrs ago &
      started paying extra on our lowest
      bills to give us 6 months of them
      bills 2 yrs ago & that’s been a BIG
      HELP for us where we have food
      & less bills to worry about every
      month šŸ‘& have a little extra $.


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