living on a fixed income

How can you SAVE MONEY ?

Hello my friends & visitors, I would like to take this time and to talk about
how you can save πŸ’² with your bills & buying things you may have to have
I’ve been doing this for years since me & hubby got married 35 years ago.

Hubby use to drive a semi truck most our married life & his πŸ’² was a huge
stress getter when it came to paying bills & buying food & doing things we
liked doing or things we like eating so I started doing all I could to the fix it.

I bought a dry erase board & listed all the bills we had & how much they
were & when they were due & put it where when he came home he’d see
just what kind of πŸ’² we had to have to keep things going every month.

I did the same thing with the food as well & put it NEXT to the bill list
& he just wasn’t ready to admit that it cost so much as it was to keep
things in order and + it didn’t help he’d spend his road πŸ’² on JUNK ! !

Not to mention he thought his beer was more important than food
or the bills, we always had arguments about the πŸ’² & bills & food &
what needed to be done, but it went in 1πŸ‘‚ & out the other 😠<mad.

Well nothing changed with him & his ways till he retired THEN he
got what I was trying to tell him all that time while he was on the
road, which BY THEN was too damn LATE! ! 2008 housing market.

The housing market crashed & so did a lot of other people crashed
right along with it, we lost our place, no where to live no πŸ’²to do any
thing with nothing, we traded a storage shed for a 1 man camper.

After all that, we lived in the camper for like 3 yrs till we could save
enough πŸ’²up to get something a little better & bigger with 2 people &
a dog to live in, I’m not 1 for tiny living space never have been sorry.

I hated every day we were living in it, so our lives were in the dumps
we had to wash dish’s outside & take bucket baths by heating our water
outside cause we had no water in the camper we had a water container.

Which brings me to where we are today, 13 years later from them days
I got tired of hubby telling me what needed to be paid & how much
every single mon so I made ANOTHER dry erase board & put THIS.

STOP !” I know what bills we have, I know how much they are, I’m
TIRED OF HEARING IT every single month! ! I know we’re BROKE
your not talking to some 1 that’s been under a rock all this time. 😠

Well I guess he didn’t like that too much & finally stopped harping
about it all the time, so I started working on ANOTHER PLAN & I
made up my mind to make something happen that would pay off.

I MOVED INTO the cabin where I would have more room & use
the bedroom I was in as storage for food & 4 years later POOF!
we have enough food to last us a few months & saving πŸ’²as well.

The πŸ’² we save goes towards the smallest bills where we have them
paid 6 mons ahead & what πŸ’² we DON’T spend goes into MY savings
acct so we haveπŸ’²put on hold for any MISHAPS that may come along.

When we buy food, we get things that we can make enough for the
week to eat on & we have other things we snack on as well so it’s
not just the same thing everyday, we buy items that will last awhile.

Just to give you a little idea of the food we have or buy that gives us
plenty to eat where we are stocked up is canned veggies & meats &
pasta’s & noodles & stuffing’s, meals in a box, & food pantry meals.

So I get how hard it can be to store food & be prepared for what is
happening across the nation, so if you can find ways to stock up on
food & getting your bills under control that’s your best thing to do.

Make a list of your bills with the smallest 1’s & when there due &
how much each 1 is, & as you go down the list each 1 is a little
more till you have all your bills on the list now your on a roll.πŸ‘

Now being you have your bills down & when there due & how
much, you can figure out how you can pay the smallest 1’s a few
months ahead till you can get them 6 mons ahead,, it takes time.

You have to make it a MUST DO THING to make it work for you
it’s not put πŸ’² in a place just to spend it the next type thing, if you
can’t stay out of it then put it in a savings where you can’t spend it.

I get πŸ’² & bills don’t match up but it will all work right IF you get
on track of where your πŸ’² is going & how to curb your spending &
learn how to spend less & save more, think outside the box helps.

how to save $ on a low income < vid she’s ALMOST saying the
same thing I am, just in a different way, I make 500 a month &
I put what $ I got from my 1st stem check in the bank & been
saving my $ money every since cause I told hubby THIS ISN’T
TO BE TOUCHED FOR NO REASON! ! & now I have over 7000
saved up πŸ‘ that’s the most $ I’ve EVER HAD in my life time.

Being he makes our MAIN bill $ & all, I am able to put mine
in the bank & build on it, cause IF something happened to
him I’d have $ to work with being the property will be paid
& the bills are on track & no big debts to worry about, I’ll be
good to go & keep things like they are, it’s a mind set thing.

Living on a fixed income she said she was 48 yrs old, We are
in our mid 60’s & 70’s on age & as late as it was for us to get
started with where we are today, I’d say we are doing DAMN
GOOD ! & will be doing a lot BETTER when the property is
paid for, along with the bank loan, right behind it & THEN
the CAR LOAN being the LAST BIG BILLS I CAN’T WAIT ! ! !

So I know this was a long 1 for you to read but it’s worth it
if this HELPS ANY 1 it makes it all worth the time to write
it, if you have any questions ask me I’ll help any way I can.

This is the end & I hope you got something from this & you
can put it to good use, cause lets face facts it’s not getting any
cheaper to live! so keep that in mind & do your SELF a favor.

Save as much as you can every month, get what bills you have
paid off as soon as you can, stock up on your food & stuff &
don’t let NO-1 know what your doing, it’s NONE of their B.

Alright I’m off here, you all take care, stay safe & be wise with
what & how you do things in your life & always try to help others
the best way you can but NOT WITH πŸ’²there are other ways. πŸ‘‹bye.

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