God is in control

Never be afraid of things you don’t understand or know what is happening,
our creator  has everything under control, he has us covered, he sees all things
that’s going on & he knows how to handle anything that is in our lives that we
can’t handle. 

We have to have faith in him, & Believe anything is possible cause he is
in control of everything good & bad. Our lives belongs to our creator, he is
the 1 that gave us life  & he is the 1 that can take it, he is also the 1 that can
change it whenever he wants to. 

I know it’s seems hard to grasp with how things have been going & it doesn’t
make any sense, but believe this, he knows a lot more than we do & he has
everything in control, if you want to learn how God works, here is a video
that can help you out. When you open the video start at the beginning
it covers a lot of your questions & will help you through life whatever it is.

I hope you all have a blessed week & a great awakening with God our creator
he is the power of greatness & salvation to any & all things that’s possible in
our lives, all we have to do is have faith & ask him to help us to understand.

Thank You for visiting this blog, I hope that you enjoyed the message & video
I know that I don’t blog a lot about this, but the video popped up as I was trying
to find something to write about & out of all the videos this 1 stood out the most.

So I feel that there was a reason to share it with you, it’s up to you to find the
reason or the message he is wanting you to find or hear cause he has CONTROL!
I listened to it & it answered a lot of my questions I never understood till now.

6 responses to “God is in control”

    • So sorry to hear that, if give your self 15 mins of
      time to listen to the video & pray to him for peace
      I find them 3 things can turn everything around for you.

      I had a horrible day when I wrote this & that’s the
      video gave me & I took some time to listen to it &
      prayed afterwards & it gave me peace for the day.

      God hears us, he feels our worries & pains he has
      our salvation in his hands, the video gives you
      certain scriptures to look for in hard times we face.

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