The Things we share

Life is about EVERYTHING WE DO

Hello Everyone, how you all doing ? hope all is well with you & yours
I’m doing fine thank you for asking, can’t complain, well maybe a little
but I’ll save that for later but for the time being I can’t, how’s that 4-now?

So I will start with how things went for us yesterday while we were out
paying bills like we always do on the 1st of the month like a routine &
we all hate when it rolls around cause it’s a never ending ordeal right?

All went good & part was kind of out of sorts but it wasn’t nothing serious
we went & got the leaf blower from the shop that couldn’t be fixed & went
to the bank then from there went & got our $ orders next & paid the bills.

Normal start of the day right ? went to our favorite place to eat had lunch
but being the day was misty rain & breezy chili, I told hubby to go warm
up the car & he goes out the door to not OUR CAR but to some 1 ELSE’S?

Just B-4 he touches the car, I holler THAT’S NOT YOUR CAR ! ! he looked
at me like huh? then he relies he had went to the wrong car & shook his
head, ours was right AT THE DOOR & not on the left but the RIGHT of it.

Lord please, some days he makes me wonder what’s going on with him
after that we went to the place where he can see if he can get the blower
fixed, I should have known better but I wasn’t thinking right myself 😞

If you may have been paying attention in my blogs I told you how he
broke his fridge/freezer? well that cost us 800$ to replace & just getting
it paid off, 6 months later, Well now the leaf blower, the1 thing we need.

We get to the place & DUMMY ME is thinking he was going to get it
looked at to see if it could be fixed, NO, he went there (sneaky) to get
a new 1 cause he ALREADY KNEW the old 1 COULDN’T be fixed ! ! !

I’m the 1 that holds the credit card to make things happen & I’m not
into spending just to be spending with it either, it’s for them days I
call MUST DO DAYS when you know what has to be done or do without.

Well folks let me tell you something about where we live, it’s a SLOPE
a mound-hill “whatever you want to call it” but when you have dogs in
pens-runners & on a DOWN HILL SLOPE you seriously need a blower.

When you have 90 ft OAK TREES everywhere there’s a LOT OF LEAVES
so yea it was a must do day for us to check on “FIXING” the leaf blower
after we talked to the sells person & the look on hubby’s face I KNEW.

It’s not about the cost or the use of the credit card it’s the fact how I
felt like he used it to his advantage knowing that’s the only way he
could get what he needed KNOWING I wanted to get the card paid 1s.

I only had 2 more pymts on it but still I felt like I was being played
or being used & well to make a long story short how would you feel ?
I knew we needed 1 but why play your spouse the way mine does ?

I don’t mind spending $ on things we need, but DAMIT don’t play me
like a puppet when you can just come out & tell me there’s no other
way, I wouldn’t like it, but at least I would have not felt used either.

Folks when it comes to how things are going in our lives we are SURE
not into being played or used by our spouse’s on top of everything else
I look at it this way if you can’t be open with each other that’s not good.

We’ve been married for 35+ years, so it’s not going to be something we
can’t handle, the D word isn’t in our agenda of life & that’s not how to
handle things, we have been through too much to just walk away.

Well folks I have to work on a meat loaf & mashed potatoes for dinner
with some green beans, I put & 1/2 of can of cream corn in my meat
loaf & diced tomatoes & some other things most people don’t in theirs.

If you’re interested in some things I cook for us to eat let me know &
I’ll be glad to share that with you in other blogs, but right now I’m going
to end this & get things going, so you all take care & stay safe thank you.

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