Time to think about things


THE 7 YEARS TRIBULATION Time >1:09:06<,Mins Rather we believe it or not
I think God just gave me a thought while I was Getting into this movie, NOW
it makes sense, Check this out, follow me & think about it O.K.? We are having
crisis 1 after another on top of Each other, it’s a major TRAIN WRECK & we 
Have a “chip” shortage hum? I wonder why? ? Can you fill in the empty space?

It couldn’t be cause their just SAYING there is & we’re to believe what they
are saying? NO! ! With all the lies & cover ups & b-s they’ve done Sorry but
I don’t roll with their bozo 1 sided games, anyway so we have a chip shortage
& they Cut the pipelines & the products that need chips Aren’t useful without
chips but yet they have A way to put chips in “CERTAIN THINGS”??? 🤔<Think.

If I didn’t know better I think I see why we have The Chaos we’re having
right now you agree ?I’m only 25+ mins in this video & it’s pretty good, It
has a lot of realistic things in it that’s in the bible That should make a lot
of people think to read the Bible after they watch the video Wow AMAZING! !

Shut It Down! <vid This is SO TRUE! ! we have to do SOMETHING to change
what’s the W-H is doing to everything we need & GOT TO HAVE in life
I don’t know what your thoughts are but I’m hoping something happens.

Are we in trouble? <vid YES very much so, & once you listen to what is being
talked about you’ll agree that we are in DEEP TROUBLE & they could care
less, they have what they need & want a 100 X’s more than any of us do.

Pelosi is not just a tyrant<vid She is NOT FOR the PEOPLE! ! she’s 1 sided &
2 faced, who does she think she is? this is why we need a CHANGE &
I say the sooner the better, I can’t wait for 2022 to come for a CHANGE.

Health experts concerned- Indiana<vid HOW can he say things would be
NORMAL” if we got the vac? I’m not buying that crap cause that’s what
they have been saying with all the OTHER VAC, & look what is going
on so it’s a LIE ! ! who believes this? it’s 1 lie after another & they could
care less, All they are doing is blowing wind 💨 & think we’re that damn
STUPID to fall for their lies just to keep us under their thumbs for
CONTROL ! Since DAY 1 of the “virus” I haven’t had the vac & haven’t
been SICK, if they keep telling the lies they’ll get you to believe it &
fall for it.

🗣 We Need to start speaking out more & not be the bobble heads
sitting on the sidelines, this is nothing more than a circus they are
playing with our lives & our future & the people who are falling for
it isn’t helping any of us! ! this is what gets my bronchitis started up.

Please take a little time to educate yourself on what I share here so
you know what is going on isn’t true & it’s all about control of what
they can & ARE doing, I don’t do this to scare you, I do it cause I care.

I love you so much to spend all my time trying to help you get what
your not hearing or seeing on t.v or online or from other people &
being I have nothing else better to do than to listen to what’s going on
I don’t mind as long as I can get what needs to be heard OUT THERE.

I could write for hrs. on this stuff, but I don’t want to take up all your
time with how bad they have done this nation from 1 end to the other
& I pray SOMEONE is paying close attention to what I share with you.

I love you, I care about you, & I worry about you everyday of every
hour just as God does, we have to start standing up for our rights &
stop being the victims to the Gov’t to do what ever they want to us.

Thank You for hanging out with me on here & PLEASE share this
with others & if you have something to say then by all MEANS
tell me – us what’s on your mind cause we want to know as well.

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