What you been up to?

Sorry I haven’t been here for a few days, I lost a few days & really haven’t
had a lot to talk about when there’s not a lot going on in my life other than
watching the news & I have even gave that a break, so there’s not a lot to
talk about, but what else is new? I have been watching shark clips which
I don’t think any 1 is really interested in & we really don’t do a whole lot.

We got some rain yesterday with some wind, thunder & lighting with it
I’ve managed to catch 2 mice with the sticky mice bait pads & haven’t
seen anymore but that don’t mean their gone so I ordered more pads.

After 3-4 years I finally got hubby to redo my bathroom door frame that
he’s been putting off & being there wasn’t nothing else better to do I gave
him something to do, he blew all the leaves the other day so that’s done.

I need to mix up what dry dog food I have with the new dry food I got
so they have a verity of mixed dog food so they don’t get bored with it
with 6 dogs you have to keep them all happy & well fed & that’s a job.

I have been putting what news videos I’ve watched on my blogger page
so I have something to share with people on you tube being I don’t have
face book or any other media sites like a lot of people are on everyday.

With what’s going on in the news I don’t know what will be next for us
if it’s not 1 thing it’s something else & none of it is good no matter which
news you watch & it doesn’t seem like there is no more to look forward to.

Biden has messed up everything this nation stood for to where there’s
nothing left & he’s so full of lies & I don’t believe anything he has to say
that’s 1 reason why I haven’t been watching the news cause it’s so bad.

I’m thinking about trading my goldfish in for some plant’s & get some
other breed of fish being what plant’s I’ve been growing they eat & I
would like to get some fish that don’t eat all my plants up, I’m not sure
what fish I want that would be a good fish to have for a 110 gal stock
tank that won’t eat the plants & have live fry but not multiply as bad.

I know guppies breed like crazy so not going that route for sure cause
I’d have millions in no time, but I’m sure I’ll find something that will
work for what I’m looking at doing then again I may just keep the fish
I have for now till I find what I’m looking for I’ll keep you updated.

Well like I said at the beginning there’s not a whole lot going on & I
just thought I’d drop a blog to let you know I haven’t died or whatever
I will ask if you have any ideas about what fish world go good in a in
door stock pond you can comment, even send a photo if you can & I’ll
see what info I can find on it, mean while take care & stay safe & hope
to hear from you soon, thank you for dropping by.

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