When it comes to a new

When it comes for us to get a new place to live

It’s not been an easy thing to do in the past years since we lost our place in Fla. 
with the housing market & all, so we moved Indiana to TRY to start over again 
but AGAIN it’s been a train wreck at every step that we have been through.

The place we’re living in now is almost paid for & it’s nothing to call home 
about as they say, but it’s a roof over our heads & keeps us safe from the 
elements, even though we have to live in 2 different places on 1 property.

So our thinking now is not to be so anxious & gun ho on finding another
place after we get this place paid off cause of everything that is going on 
with the economy & the Gov. B-S that’s brought our plans to a STOP. 😠

We’re gonna stay where we are till things turn around & see how things 
go cause as long as we have a place to live it would be the BEST thing 
to do, & not put ourselves in another train wreck to find the right place.

We’re looking at a place that’s being remodeled from the floor up & we 
have looked it over inside & out & we like what we have seen so far BUT
the person who is remodeling the place has a lot to get done.

We have our hearts set on the place cause of the area it’s in & the way 
it’s laid out with the yard & it has everything we need for us in the yard
when we have 6 dogs & 3 of them don’t get along together “guard dogs

We know someone that’s working with the person that’s redoing it & 
we told him that we’re VERY INTERESTED in the place not to put a
4-sale sign up, so with that said here’s what we are thinking about.

Our place we’re at now will be paid off in 5-6 mons from now & with 
as much as the place needs to be done to get it livable for us to get it 
we’re going to stay here for 16 more mons to build up our $ for it.

I don’t get a lot of $ from S,S but I’m saving every bit of it just for
that purpose & if it turns out that we don’t get the place then we’ll 
have some $ saved up for the place that we DO FIND & WE WANT.

Hubby gets S.S & VA checks so that’s a BIG HELP for us to pay the 
bills we have, & I have been working on how much I can save up for 
a place on MY $ @ 500$ a month & have made a $ saving list

Month to month I put $ in the home savings I put a 💓 next to it 
sample” 1-5-20> 500💓that lets me know I covered that month 
& SO FAR I haven’t missed a month since I started the $ list

So with all this mess going on with the Gov. & the economy &
housing market it gives us time to build up our $ & gives us some 
time to get other things in place for us B-4 we get ready to move.

Mind you we’re not as young as we use to be & getting older every 
year & it’s not going to be easy for us to “just move” & we’ll have 
to get help to  move (2 places) so that’s going to cost us some 💲

We are also going to need 4 dog pens right out the gate 1st off 
cause no 1 is going to have a place to house 6 dogs like I have 
so that comes into play cause our babies COMES 1st N-M-W.

“No-Matter -What” are we going to sell the place we’re at now ?
I have a neighbor that I’d LIKE to get it, BUT I’m not sure if they 
are as interested in it, but I gave them the option to think about it.

Cause they have 4 kids to think about & protect @ the same time 
& she has a dad that’s going to need a place to live when he gets 
out of jail & if they want the place I’ll sell it to them cheap. 

It’s not about the 💲 we COULD get, it’s about the kids & their 
protection cause of the way the area is with God knows who 
lives close by with drugs & thugs that’s our main concern 👪

If they are NOT interested in the place then we’ll just keep the 
taxes paid on it till we decide what to do with the place, the 
taxes aren’t going to break us cause the V A helps us there.👍

God guides us through the hard times as well as the good times
& that’s how we go through the life we live, without God In our 
lives we’d never make it, God knows things ahead of time.

Rather you believe or not that’s not what this is about, It’s about
how we get through the things we go through that we face in life 
& it keeps us focused on how we make the decisions we make, 

This is where I am with where we are in life & where we stand 
on how we are working on finding that RIGHT PLACE for us to
call HOME for the rest of our lives that we have left on this earth
so we have to be FOCUSED, cause God is the leader of our future.

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