When I 1st started my blog journey on word press I never thought it’d
go anywhere & being I’m not a TOP DOG on writing I didn’t expect to
get this >35 others have started receiving updates. THANK YOU ALL 💓

It makes me want to 😢 happy tears of joy, I don’t know what to say
I have worked so hard to make a blog page on blogger & other places
& if I had of known I would get this kind of response I would have
done this a long time ago & never bothered with any other places.

This just is so exciting, I can’t believe this is REAL, I’m lost for words
I know it may not seem like a big deal to some but it’s a MOUNTAIN
to me, as a matter of fact it makes me so happy it gives me a Idea on
writing more, I’ve been watching my stats too that’s been growing.

So I will do my A-1 BEST to not let you down & keep this growing
to where I see a 1000 followers if that’s possible to get on here &
will dig deep down to keep things as interesting as possible for you.

I have some ideas brewing, so you keep a eye on what I have coming
it’s going to be exciting, it’s some things I’ve been storing away for a
while & now I have a new place to share them & that’s with all of you.


I’ll be back REAL SOON with some posts you might enjoy, so don’t go
too far or be gone too long cause I will be back B-4 you know it, so
give me a little time & I’ll have some NEW stuff on here for you. 👍

Thank You again for the boost of confidence I’ve been needing for
a LONG TIME you just can’t imagine how much I appreciate you all
for being here & the help & feed back that makes a big difference.

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