A Truck drivers life

A steady flow of semis lead the way down a busy interstate highway, means 1 thing
they are delivering everything a store somewhere needs

Hello my friends & visitors in the blogging world, Today I have a story to tell
it’s not something that a lot of people talk about & I think it’s past time to
shine some light & love for the truck drivers that need our support more than
ever, cause they have a long hard road they travel day & night, holidays & wk-
ends with very little time at home or sleep in between loads & traveling. 😱

My better 1/2 >hubby use to be a semi driver cross country state to state in
all types of weather day & night holidays & weekends day after day weeks
on end & when he would come home he would be so wore out from it all
he would sleep straight through for 2 solid days B-4 he could function again.

A truck drivers life isn’t by NO MEANS EASY it may look easy & fun but I can
tell you it’s not, I’ve been on some trips with him & I can tell you some stories
that you couldn’t believe that our truck drivers go through out on the highway
they have all kinds of things they have to worry about & deal with everyday.

1 is the other drivers that cut them off or try to run them off the road (auto’s)
2 is the weather they run into from state to state it’s never the same weather
3 is the law & laws they have to contend with from 1 state to another state
4 is the hrs. they have to get from 1 place to another & make it there safe
5 is find time to get some sleep whenever they can get the chance for some
6 is their pay isn’t all that great for what they have to put up with everyday


Not everyone is made for a job handling a big rig or a BIG JOB as a truck driver
I know I’d never be able to, would you? Truck drivers is Americans back bone
to deliver goods to every store of every kind across the nation so it’s on hand
from teabags to baby diapers from butter to shoes & toys you get my point right?
it’s a damn shame they don’t get the recognition they deserve it’s just not fair.😒

21 THINGS TRUCK DRIVERS CAN EXPECT <video Listen to what this driver had
to say, he talks about newbies just getting started out or thinking about getting
into truck driving, it’s well worth listening to if someone is thinking about driving
& he covers a lot of things that involves being a truck driver for the long haul. πŸ‘

It’s not all about JUST about driving a TRUCK up & down the highway day after day
there are SEVERAL things that go into being a truck driver that matters with what
they deal with everytime they get in their truck to pick up or deliver & this next
video will be just that, even though he says it’s for newbies, but it’s not, it’s ALL
! ! Is It Difficult Being A Truck Driver <video this is a GOOD 1.

Something I always say is check out the comments on the videos I share with you
cause they have a lot of good things to say about what the video is about & so on
& you can get a lot of extra info from them as well that is well worth knowing too.

So I have 1 more video I want to share with you & give you something to think
about B-4 I close this out & I want to ask you to share the videos with your other
sites or platforms or social media sites to get awareness to the truck drivers that
do MORE than just DRIVE OVER THE ROAD can you do that for me & them please?

Ice Road Truckers This video shows how truck drivers that drive in the north in
frigid cold go through in snow & ice & so forth another hazardous job they are
in & don’t get the respect they deserve & AGAIN it’s not right nor is it fair. 😠!
& I’ll give you MY THOUGHTS about how our Gov’t is abusing AMERICA! !

It’s time for what I have to say about how our Truckers are getting the SHAFT!
like everyone else is, but their getting the brunt of it every way POSSIBLE from
a pay check to the laws they have to follow & risking THEIR LIVES to keep this
nation going day & night to keep production moving going & coming from 1
place to another & I feel they need to be appreciated MORE than they are…

Just think about life WITHOUT the truck drivers how would life be? not good
how would the stores supply the stuff they sell? look at what’s going on with
the shipping containers stuck on ships & loading ports & your stores with
empty shelves & their telling people they can’t do anything about it sorry.

Folks like it or not our nation is on it’s last leg & if “WE” the PEOPLE CAN’T
I’m looking at the dows future right now & it’s 35% in the RED-122.00 DOWN
that right there oughta tell you SOMETHING on how bad things really are.

People say there’s nothing we can do B-S! we have to get out of that way of
thinking! ! there’s a lot we can do & that’s to make yourself HEARD to your
GOV’T OFFICE’S your mayors, your senators every 1 that you can & VOTE
those that’s not doing your state right VOTE THEM the HELL OUT of office.

We the PEOPLE HAVE A VOICE & it’s up to us to MAKE THEM LISTEN! ! !
they can’t fight all of us & there’s WAY MORE OF US THAN THEM & here’s
something else you may not be thinking about a government SHUTDOWN 😱
we have no clue as to how long that will be if the GOV’T RUNS OUT OF πŸ’² yea
there’s a lot on our minds & a lot we need to think about & a lot we can do.

Sorry for the rant, but this is B-S I can’t stress this enough & it’s not right &
if what’s going on don’t get under your skin like it does mine & a lot of other
peoples skin then I’m lost for words, cause I’m not going to just let things BE
& sit back & let our nation go down like what they are doing EVERY DAY ! ! !

I live in Indiana & our Governor of Indiana has been doing his fare share of
keeping things going as best he can with what he has to work with day to day
Eric Holcomb is the 51st Governor of Indiana, was elected to his second term
with the most votes for governor, A lifelong Hoosier, state chairman of the
Indiana Republican Party. πŸ‘ Governor Eric Holcomb acceptance speech <πŸ‘€

This is the kind of Governor every state needs, he has our backs as the ole
saying goes, when things get tough the tough puts things in action & gets
things done! ! are we better than any other state? no, but we are getting there
we have a man who takes his job serious & who knows how to run a state.

Pete Buttigieg clarifies plan πŸ‘‚< listen to what he had to say about his thoughts
& he’s our MAYOR & he’s a DEMOCRAT & this is why we’re not where we need
to be cause he’s on the WRONG SIDE of the fence to get us there 😞he’s 1 I’m
voting OUT the 1st chance I get, cause we don’t need his kind in office, he LIES.

Well folks I’m sorry for a long blog but this is something I felt needed to be
said & talked about on ALL LEVELS of where this nation is heading & if we
don’t address the problems we are facing there’s no 1 to blame but OURSELVES.

Thank You for your time & input on here I’ll check with you later you all stay
safe & help 1 another any way you can & lets change how things are going right
now for the better, my heart & prayers & wishes goes out to you all love you πŸ‘‹bye.

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