Facts about Oil


Do you hate seeing ads everytime you watch a video? I know I do & I
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Hello, how’s everyone doing? hope all is good, I’m just getting up from a nap
did you know that if you take a few hours nap it reenergizes your brain cells?
& your body, it’s true, Is Napping Good for You? <video very interesting toπŸ‘€.

How the World Runs on Oil<video This is also interesting that some people
may not have known, on how oil is very important oil is in our all our lives
& how much we rely on it in a lot of ways, but SOME thinks differently. 😞

Just so you know, I watch every video I put on my blogs to get the best info
I can on what is going on, I don’t just find a video & post it, I make sure it
sounds good & has the right info on the topic I want to share with you.πŸ‘

Rather you watch them or not I don’t know, but I would like to think you do
cause it helps me to know what your thoughts are & if you found it helpful
I know you don’t have all day to watch videos like I do so I respect that.

The reason why I do my blogs with videos is so like I said, it fills in what
I would like to call the blanks to save you time on reading & me time on
writing, cause I don’t use a reg keyboard, I use a onscreen keyboard.

Onscreen Keyboard in Windows 10 it’s easy to set up & use & I don’t have
to worry about my keys fading or getting dirty or stuck & it’s FREE which
is always a great thing, I got tired of buying keyboards every few mons. πŸ‘

I shared with you more than I planned on, but I’m working on changing
up things with things that I think you’d like to learn, know & maybe need
or want to try or use, I will never try to trick, you it’s your choice not mine.

I think I’ve covered everything that I wanted to share with you for now &
not to hold you up from your day or evening or whatever you have going
on, if there is anything you are interested in please don’t be shy, talk to me.

I have another blog I want to share with you which I’ll get out tomorrow at
sometime, I have it saved on here I have to find it, ha ha ha I’m going to be
active on here with interesting things that people don’t think about everyday.

So with all that said I’m getting off here & going to make something to eat
& listen to 1 of my favorite videos & by the time it’s over it’ll be my bed time
so you all take care, stay safe & enjoy life the best way you can everyday.

Thank You for hanging out with me on here & interacting as well, bye πŸ‘‹

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