Can you help me ?


I’ve been thinking about changing my word press Theme but not sure how
to go about it other than to delete the Theme I have now & I don’t want to
do that cause of all the work I’ve done to get it where it is now can you help?

I would like to have a site where instead of JUST a “BLOG PAGE” to something
more pleasing where each blog has it’s own page where you can can see each
blog at 1 time, I hope that isn’t too hard to understand what I’m trying to do.

Russell by Automatics < πŸ‘€ this is what I’m looking at doing, you see the 3
blocks below the same big photo on the page that’s what I’m talking about
where when people want to find what blogs they want to engage in is easier.

I’ve been checking out some videos on how to do this but they rather drag
out the way to do it where I get lost in the middle on things their saying &
from what videos I’ve seen it sounds so complicated, it Can’t be that HARD.

So that’s why I thought maybe some 1 on here would be able to help me on
this if you have changed your Theme & what you had to do to change yours
if you have any info on this to share with me I’d really appreciate the help.

If you could send me any links or videos or something that explains this
where it’s easy to understand & do I wouldn’t be able to thank you enough
when I started my site I didn’t expect it to grow like it has & it’s growing
everyday so I feel that by changing it would be a lot better for everyone.

Please feel free to give me your thoughts on what you think, your thoughts
are greatly appreciated & your help is even more greatly appreciated as well
thank you for your support & advice & suggestions to help me with this πŸ’“

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