Bad Weather & slept through it

bad weather with hard winds & heavy rains

Are you known to sleep through bad weather? I’m normally a light sleeper
but when I don’t have a early nap & go to bed after dark I sleep like a rock
which sometimes is a good thing cause I HATE bad weather after dark. 😬

That has to do with living in Fla. with hurricanes, I know that sounds off
how does people sleep through weather like a hurricane almost & not
hear anything? apparently it’s not very hard to do when you are tired.

I HAVE slept through a hurricane at 1 time (seriously) I knew it was coming
& wasn’t really sure how bad it was going to be but at the time I didn’t
really have a good sense about hurricanes back then & slept through them.

Overnight storms < listen, After I got up I noticed my computer was off &
my stove clock was blinking & the dogs was out of sorts & then I called
hubby & he said we had some heavy rain & hard winds & lost power. 😱

This comes from trusting your faith in God> 1 John 4:15 <👀I believe in the power of faith & all things in God, that’s what guides me in my life no
matter what is going on, there’s been a lot of things God saved me from.

This is why I share the things I do on here with the news & what I’ve been
through in my life over the years, God leads me to the things I write here
he guides me to write it like you read what I post, God is my savior in life.

So I haven’t lost my mind as of yet so far, & that’s why I don’t trust what
the left is doing & saying & the ? virus with the vaccine their pushing us
to take, I’ve said this B-4 & I’ll say it again, why fall for their lies they talk?

I know things are so off the wall these days it’s hard to believe in faith &
what the bible says, but it’s easier to believe in God than what they are
doing to our country & to US, God knows what they are doing he sees it.

I want to encourage you to put your faith in God & pray for the nation
in Gods name he shields you & your family from all this insanity that
is at our doorstep, He saves lives, he protects his children, he loves us.

This is the last thing I’m going to leave with you & then I’m going back
to bed after I say thank you to God for all he has done in my life over
the years & I suggest you follow me & do the same thing cause he cares.
What a friend we have in Jesus<👂listen, Thank You God Amen, Peace

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