Are you busy? need a favor

I need a screen shot of my site from YOUR EYES

I’ve been monkeying around with my site here & what I see from MY SIDE
I’m okay with, but when some 1 responds to my post/blogs, home page
what do you see? as in does it look any different? from the last time you
here? I hope I explained that right, if you could help me with that Thank U.

I figured since I’m paying for the tools & gadgets they have why not right?
so yea all I need is a screen shot of my home page, blog page cause I’m
trying to change things up, I’ve dabbled in redoing them 2 pages above.

I’m going to make a SHORT Video of what I see on my screen on them 2 pages so you can see what I see, This way it helps me to make a better
looking style & MAYBE more responses, alright time for me to video this.

looking for a little help That didn’t take too long, it pretty much explains
what I’m asking & shows what I’m asking, sometimes 👀 at something
gives a better understanding & explaining in videos helps with less work.

Short & sweet I’ll leave you alone for a bit while I check out some things
you all hang tight & I’ll be back in about a hr or less see you all then 👋bye

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