Their WHOLE town is GONE! !


Dawson Springs, Ky Town destroyed I have seen a lot in my time over the yrs, but this is over & BEYOND, the people who lived in this town has lost
EVERYTHING they had, clothes, food, home, lives, memories, you name it.

I know when I lived in Florida & the hurricane season was in action & the
places they destroyed & demolished it was horrible & I know what I went
through when our place got hit, it took all I had to keep from giving up. 😞

I can only imagine what these people went through & seeing the whole
place destroyed like it is, can make you think a whole lot different than
you were B-4 you went through something like this by yourself & alone.

It took us YRS to recover our own inner selves to put it behind us to keep
going, we felt defeated, lost, helpless, untrusting of others, felt like no 1
cared, forgotten, it still leaves a black hole in our soul from them days.

lost & confused

Things like this that people have lived through, it really puts them over
the edge to handle such devastation & Turmoil that effects their lives &
it makes them grow cold against trying to go on in life, not all, but some.

I know that’s what we felt, but we kept telling each other we’ll be alright
we’ll get through this, that’s the ONLY WAY me & hubby has made it in
ALL we have been through in our 35 yrs of marriage & we’ve struggled.

It takes a STRONG heart & sound mind to get through something like this
if it hadn’t been for him relying on me & me relying on him I really don’t
think either 1 of us would have made it this far or would even want to.

We all need each other more than just ourselves when we’re hit with
something like this & your whole world is turned into rubble & there’s
nothing left but each other & that’s when you put your faith in God to
pull you up & help you make a new start in life & hope it’s not too late.

There are still days we find ourselves wondering if we have missed our
window on getting in a better place than where we are right now cause
of how bad things have gone with the economy & what’s next to come.

We’re JUST NOW after all these yrs getting our $ saved up to get a better
place for us to where we can live together in 1 place instead of 2 but we
are NO-WHERE CLOSE to having the $ we need to put on a place to live.

But we can’t just give up hope, I’m saving what $ I get from S S (500) &
putting it in a savings but even that takes time & pray nothing goes
wrong like a few things have that set me back to miss my amount of $
I want to have each month, but thank God not by much, just 300 behind.

I’m sorry to have gone on this long, but when I get to writing about stuff
sometimes I forget to stop, please forgive me for holding up your time
I’m wondering if I made a podcast on here would help, you let me know.

4 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins if I get 10 👍’s I’ll try & set 1 up on here
I’ve never had 1 so it may be a little different & maybe even a lot better for
those who like listening instead of reading please let me know yes or no.

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