diy project for fish hobbyist


I thought I’d get up with you & tell you what I have been up to today just
B-4 I hit the sack for a long deserved nap to ease my back & legs & feet a spell, being on a cement floor is hard on the body at my age ­čśôso I’ll try to make this short, right now I’m relaxing to ease the pain after I taken 2 pain killer’s, I took the time to make a filter box for the goldfish to replace the 1 they had & tried to make a video of it & it didn’t do right so you lucked out.

But I can explain what I done & give you a somewhat idea of the concept of it. when we were at big lots yesterday, I picked up a storage container(clear) & turned it into a filter container, it’s a 66 quart storage clear tote & I did my magic it took most the morning to get it built & running like I wanted.

DIY Pond Filter Under $100 This is what I did with mine but a little different for what I’m doing this for the next stage of the project to be complete at the end which will be next year around May -June if not sooner time will tell

1st off I have my setup pump wise with a 800gph pump in a 110 gal stock tank which you see below, I have a 800 gal ph pump that I can switch to a 1000 gph pump after it’s all said & done, I do most my buying on ebay for pumps & filter supplies that if you know how to shop cheap can work out.

110 gal stock tank for guppies

I put in my filter container (from the bottom UP) lava rock in the bottom scattered around 2 garden red bricks {1 broke in 1/2} gave me 3 bricks for a place to put a 4 inch tall plastic crate to hold my sponge’s & scrubbies in right at the level of the water that’s being filtered to be overflowed into the pond, I have put 2 overflow pipes on the container for better circulation & & put a 12 inch spray bar over top of the filter pads & it cleans the water.

With this type of setup for a filter you don’t have to overwork yourself in cleaning it & depending on the fish you have in the pond & size of the
pond this really is it’s weight in gold for a clean clear fish pond with less work involved in keeping 1 going, I won’t have to worry about cleaning the filter for 2-3 months with 8 med size goldfish & a 800 gph pump & feeding 1-2 times a day, now your wondering where the guppies come into all this?

Well the pond the goldfish are in will be turned into a guppy pond next spring when I can get the goldfish out of the indoor pond & into their pond outside on the deck & make another filter container box a lot bigger for more water movement in the winter season, so the water don’t freeze up.

So there it is on what I have done today for a diy project & B-4 I end this, I got to thinking about being I love doing stuff like this maybe getting into making pond filters & selling them maybe locally to people that have ponds
well folks it’s time to call it a day for a few hours & dream my life away on it

I hope you’re day went well for you & all ended on a good note like mine has, take care keep your chin up & smile cause it makes others wonder.

this should make you smile

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