Long day & Sore feet

I wish I had some 1 to massage my feet

Hello Everyone, how ya’ll doing? I’m sorry I couldn’t be here yesterday I had to make sure everything we had to do today was covered for bill day & we make a full day of it, we know when we have them days all has to be in order, cause once we take our shoes off we’re DONE for the next 2 days.

We leave around 9-10am we don’t get back till 12 if we go to Greencastle but if we want to knock out a big list of things, we have to make a full day to where we don’t get home till 4-5pm & today was 1 them days. Which I don’t mind doing till I get back home & hurt like hell till my noproxcin kicks in so when I get ready to go to bed I’m going to crash & burn till 7-8 in the morn.

Well our day starts out going to the bank & we take about 2 hrs. in 1 county we get what needs to be done & head to the next county to do the other 1/2 there & by the time we have done that from a full tank of gas to a 1/2 tank & about 100 miles between both counties from point A to point B & home.

We pay our bills by m/o’s & some bills with cash, get the bills done & paid
we go to the next county to do what shopping we need to do & we have lunch -dinner & we take the rest of the day to shop, we got some T-P & some Xmas lights for the background when I’m recording videos & it looks pretty cool, we got laundry soap & laundry softener, & some other stuff too.

taking care of business

I got 3 algae eaters, 1 died but the other 2 seems to be fine so far, they so tiny I can barely see them but anyway, I have them in my 30 gal long tank to eat what algae that’s accumulated on the glass from the light I have on it & that’s cause I have pond plant’s in there & they need some light to help them grow better, them plant’s I’m growing is for the 110 gal stock tank the goldfish are in now, but that’s going to be changed by spring of next year.

goldfish in a 110 gal stock tank

I have ANOTHER 110 gal stock tank I can put them into & make them my out door pond & run a heater in it for winter & some good air stones to keep the water from freezing over, I have a place on the deck where it was this year B-4 winter somewhat got here, that we set up for it & it did GREAT. 👍

So I want to turn the N-door pond , into a guppy pond, yes you heard right, a guppy pond, I know how prolific they are & I don’t mind when I have goldfish that will help the population if I get too many & I have a fish store in 1 of the counties we go to every month so that’s not no problem either.

But over the past few months I’ve been working on getting things I need to do this plant wise cause guppies need plant’s for the fry they have every so often & the more plant’s they can have the more fry they will produce too.

Millions of Guppies < video, so as you can see they do very well in a stock tank to do what they do, & I can sell them to the fish store for credit so that will save me some $ for other things I want for the guppy pond I can trade guppies for different guppies or for something else which isn’t too bad 👍

So I’m working on redoing the stock pond filter system for it now & when I get it all in order I’ll be working on the other part of it by putting a pool liner that is cut to fit which is blue it will bring the color of the fish out more colorful & mine won’t be let go to get algae growing like his done his,
I can’t stand a tank to be unkept-let go & get out of hand, that don’t work, this is why I’m setting my guppy pond up different & with more room & fish.

Heavy lights is what causes the algae in a pond 1st off & not being taken care of is the 2nd reason, so being I’m home most the time I’m going to have me a KNOCK OUT pond once I get it set up like I want & then make a video of it & it’s going to knock your socks off, it’s going to be decked out.

Folks I hate to cut this off here but we have some bad weather & if I lose power I lose this whole blog so I’m going to say bye for now & go to bed, it’s been a long day & it’s late so you all take care & I’ll be back later on with what all I’ve got done, till then I’ll chat with you later have a good 1 bye 👋

110 Gallon Outdoor Fish Pond here is 1 more video of how clear & clean a stock pond should look like when you have a good pump & the right light & being mine will be indoors this is how clear mine will be once it’s complete.

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