What’s wrong with this mess ? tell me

Some of the Az boarder wall

Arizona city in chaos Folks, this is no laughing joke this is SERIOUS STUFF, this is INSANE ! ! ! WT? I’ve been trying to be real good about not flooding my blog with bad news, but this got me so I thought I’d put my thoughts
out there on how I feel & maybe a whole bunch more that’s feeling the same, what did that # SAY? 2,647,5% UP this is OUR PRESIDENT Doing This.

This is why TRUMP SHOULD BE In the WHITE HOUSE & I JUST heard that it’s
going to be on 22 midterm it’s going to be ALLdemocrats running to be the
next crazy person to run in place of biden O M L! ! ! talk about scary 😱 what p’s me off is the REPUBLICANS are doing all the talking about what their going to do & nothing seems to be getting done TAYLOR GREEN said she was going to impeach biden, well haven’t heard anything on that huh?

Ted cruise says he going to do so & so & well here we are several mos later
now you hear this cause why ? NO 1 IS DOING ANYTHING BUT TALK WT? 😠😈 These people have no BUSINESS in the white house I don’t give a rats
azz what any 1 else has to say that’s going a long with how their doing…
we the people have a say without CHEATING & go by the Constitution of law & order & THAT’S THE AMERICAN WAY this bozo in the white house has to go. but then AGAIN look at WHO WILL BE NEXT ? WHO ? who would you like to see in the white house? I sure would like to know cause I don’t see any.

Well I’m sorry if I’ve spoiled your day or evening or morning, but I had to raise a little bit of a rant, here is something that I was talking about on
taking action, god help us all cause this is going to effect EVERY 1.
A full-blown civil war breaking out this is in the build back better bill &
they want Our LIVES DESTROYED! ! ! come hell or high waters slap INSANE.

That’s all folks, I’m hitting the sack for a few hours & maybe get up later & put another 1 up after I hit my notifications to return a response so you all take care & stay safe & away from trouble if you can merry Xmas & happy
new years in case I forget being I’m good for losing track of time now & then, but I’m alright nothing to worry about I’ll catch you in a few Bye 👋.

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