How does that work ?


I was going through my notifications & 1 of them was new but when I hit it to go on their site it had this on it> is no longer available. So that made me wonder how does this happen on here? strange.

Not much to really talk about, nothing going on in my neck of the woods
other than just sitting home watching tv-videos, being we don’t have any
type of live stream or cable, nothing but free you tube all day long, oh well.

But I have been thinking about some things which might be to some 1’s
interest on here, that would be on what ever your interested in talking about, cause I’ve ran out of stuff to write about, that’s why I haven’t been writing, cause seems like no 1 is interested in what I write about so I’m lost.

We don’t get out much, there’s nothing exciting to talk about, life is boring so what is there to talk about that would be interesting? you give me a list & I’ll write about it after I do some research on it & maybe find other stuff to go with whatever I can find to make it more interesting for you to read.

If you don’t like watching videos then you can let me know, it won’t hurt my feelings, I just like adding them to explain the whole story of what I’m writing about is all, you don’t have to watch them if that’s the problem.

I know a few things you MIGHT BE interested in & that’s something I haven’t wrote about & that’s gardening I can write a few blogs on that being I don’t have any blogs about the matter, maybe I can find some cool videos too on how to make a great looking garden for your yard to spice it up next year.

Like I said earlier give me a list of what you would be interested in reading & if you want videos with it or not just say birds – no vids or W-vids easy & I’ll get to work on it, thank you, have a great day & will check in later bye 👋

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