Hoarding pennies pays off

dedication pays off

I was checking out what I could find on you tube & what I found was this
7 min +Secs video, about a guy saved every penny he had (literally) for
45 yrs & O M L SERIOUSLY! the video was put on you tube in 2018, so I’m
kind of wondering is he still doing it? I mean wouldn’t you?

These days it pays off to pay attention to what’s going on in the world
cause you never know what’s around the corner at any time, day or night,
there’s a lot going on & we’re going into 2022 REAL SOON, so you need to
be vigilant of the news. 👂-👀 along with your around your area, keep track

But anyway, this guy was smart & has a interesting story on how he got started & what he saved up & what it took to haul 1,000’s of pennies in 5 gal water bottles, it took 5 hrs to count 45 yrs of pennies, Dam! ! & if you watch the video JUST THINK ?

If you could do something like that, but in $ BILLS ? I got me 1 going, hidden where no 1 would ever think to look & it’s right there in front of their eyes, & never see it 💥 I’ve always been 1 to listen to things that help me in whatever situation I’m living.

Me & hubby have been married for 35+ yrs & know a few things about living on a budget, a Tight to the PENNY TIGHT, pinching corners at every chance we could & now we are fixing to crawl out of the hole of debt & work on living our lives out.

So let me hush & share this video, like I said earlier, times are going to get
hard & I hope all took it serious & got ready for 2022, Marry Xmas & happy
New year to ALL  Guy Saved Pennies For 45 Years. you’ll be surprised at
what it took to cash it in. $ $ $.

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