About Electric Cars?

What is your thoughts about them ?

I’ve heard a lot about them talking about it, but haven’t heard how good &
safe they are, so I went looking around on you tube & found this video & I
don’t like change when it comes to things like this, I’m funny about autos.

About Electric Cars< video, This sounds all good, but I’m not too hip on all
this stuff he’s talking about how the thing functions, from what I’m getting
it’s more trouble than it’s worth, maybe it just sounds that way to me I D K.

We don’t need 1 cause we just got a semi new car 2 yrs ago & we can’t see
getting another 1 when in 3 yrs it will be paid for plus there’s no charging
stations setup for them where I am so hopefully I won’t have to worry.

But I just thought this would be interesting for those that’s thinking about
getting 1 or already has 1, what is your thoughts on them? so this way it’d
give others a chance to learn something that’s on the fence about getting 1.

Anyway I’m off to bed for a few hours I’ll catch up with you later, have a
great day, evening, morning, hope everything is good in the hood with
everyone, stay safe & out of trouble. 😱 this makes my 100th post…👍

2 responses to “About Electric Cars?”

  1. I support clean energy and the notion that we can build more efficient, safer, and more environmentally friendly cars. However, it is foolish to believe we can abandon our current sources of power that run our country and keep us safe. We are not there yet.

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