Guppies are cool fish

This is what’s called FANCY GUPPIES

I use to raise guppies, but never had the fancy guppies, I got
started with what’s called mutt guppies, which is easier to
raise, I’m looking at getting me a 100 gal glass tank to get
back into it again, but try my hand with the fancy guppies.

I’ve been checking out some videos on the matter & this is
what I have found so far with people that have the setup
I’m looking to do when I get mine going so here it is 👀

A 100 gal tank is 72 1/2 x 18 1/2 x 19 3/8 That’s a monster
tank for me, I could put my goldfish in it for the winter &
come this next spring I’ll put them out doors on the deck
in 110 gal tank I have for them, I can work on protecting
it for next winter season & raise the guppies in the cabin.

What’s New in the Fish room? This is a video I done when
I was raising mutt guppies back in 2020 & the filter building
I was doing works GREAT for a 110 gal stock tank, I enjoy fish.

things are looking good again Here is another video I done
a few months of being into raising guppies & as you can see
I did a good job, I miss messing with them to come up with
different strains of colors, & being as easy to raise them 👍

I still have all my glass tanks, I have 2-110 gal stock tanks &
if I could get a 100 gal tank that would do the trick for me
& the over load of guppies I’d have, I’ll have plenty for the
goldfish to eat, along with the chub minnows & lake carp.

I have a fish store about 25+ miles from me & we go there
when I need something I can’t find in a pet store & I’ve
traded fish in for other fish, they do store credit, that works.

So yea I’m going to see what next year looks like B-4 I make
a decision, cause right to now we’re trying to SAVE $ to try
& get outta here by next year “fingers crossed, & praying.

Well folks it’s been a pleasure writing this for you & I hope
you enjoy just as much as I did, take care, stay safe, & don’t
get into any trouble, enjoy each day as if it was your own last.

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