Merry Christmas

The day Jesus was born

Today is the day Jesus was claimed to be born that is called Christmas
it’s a day of Celebration joy & happiness, I wish you all joy & happiness
I’m watching the best movie there is of this very day of his birth, Amen.

Jesus of Nazareth I’m watching the 6 hr. version, I watched the 3 hr 1
last night which was just as good, movies like this is a great 1 for kids
to learn from how Jesus became king of the world & salvation over all.

Jesus of Nazareth <video if you haven’t seen the movie, it’s well worth it
the holy bible is the word of God & the book of how life was meant to be
There are some that doesn’t understand the holy bible & all it’s meaning.

This I can understand, cause I have a hard time myself to understand,
that is why I like watching these type of movies cause I can get a better
understanding, I hope for those that want to get the meaning to watch it.

This is what I watch all I can to understand about how the gospel started
I do believe in God & the word of the bible & have had some some great
conversations with him, I know he is alive & he has all the control of all.

We celebrate his coming with prayer, cheer & a day of feast, with ham,
cabbage, cornbread, yams & a pineapple upside down cake to top it off
for he is our salvation in life as it is in heaven, may all be blessed Amen.

Scriptures are fulfilled

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