Dogs are SMART

My girl Diamond

I have talked about my dogs on occasions, well my girl Diamond is
smart being she’s a Aussie which is a Australian Shepard, better
known as a cattle breed type dog, she’s the youngest 1 I have from
all the 6 dogs I take care of everyday & keeping a eye on.

Aussie’s are easy learners & great watch dogs, but sometimes can
be hardheaded too well she decided to get past me while I was
working on her pen & B-4 I I go on here I want to tell you how
she is, she’s a good dog, she loves to smile, she’s in heat too. 😞

I have a red full Aussie male next to her in another pen & a male
boarder collie – Aussie in another pen he’s been acting like a male
trying to get through the fence so that’s why I was in HER pen blocking
where he has been trying to get through, but it didn’t go so easy.

I had a short piece of metal sheeting & while I was trying to get it
in her pen she slipped past me & got out 😱 that’s the LAST THING
I NEEDED cause I know if she sees another dog she’s going after it
& I’ve talked about other peoples dogs around my part of the area too.

Yep it happened, my next door neighbors dog happen to be in my
yard & when she got out & it was on from there so as any 1 would,
went after her & thank god the neighbors dog isn’t a fighter cause
she’s fixed, so she helped me catch mine.

How? she ran as soon as she seen Diamond was after her but didn’t
go far & stopped, that’s when I grabbed Diamond by her collar &
dragged her back to her pen, told her to go to her house & she
knew she was in trouble with me, so in her house she went.

Once I got the fence fixed I thought about why Brutus has been
acting like he has I took a look at Diamond’s back side & yep
sure enough she is in heat, so now that I got the fence fixed
she should be safe, I’d like to breed her but not right now.

I’m hoping if all goes right for us & we can get into another place
next year then maybe I can breed her or if not I’ll breed her the
next heat she has cause I know she’ll be a good mother & have
some awesome pups from either male I have.

Australian Shepherds Rather your a dog person or have a dog or
not it doesn’t matter, but what does matter is you may sometime
in your life you may want 1 & the video I have on here talks about
Aussies, but it goes towards ALL dogs, 👍 there are no bad dogs.

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