Don’t look back

Happy Sunday everyone, how’s your new year going for you?
I hope it’s going good for you & your family & friends, mine is
is coming along day by day & I bless God for all he has done.

I just got done watching a GOOD video that was well worth
watching, cause of a lot of pieces of the movie reminds me
of the life I had to live in, times weren’t in my favor but with
God beside me I made it through, I didn’t know God then
like I do now & I know now how I made it though my life.

When life puts you out in the streets & nowhere to go & all
alone, your mind makes you think about things you never
thought about, you think about how life could have been.

I use to take time to look at my past & how bad it was to
live in them days & often wonder a lot about how I made
it all those years & still be here today doing what I love.

I hope you can take time out of your day to watch this video
& see if there’s anything that might come to mind of your
life & if anyone has ever took the time to help you in life.

Don’t look back it says it’s a thriller, but it’s NOWHERE close
to being a thriller, but more of a story about a woman who
lost everything she loved & had to find what she had lost.

This is 1 of my short blogs I was talking about in my last
blog I wrote, I know most/some don’t like long blogs so
that’s why I’m working on doing short 1’s for awhile.

Thank You for stopping by & sharing your time here, I
hope you enjoy the video & it helps you in anyway it
does, Please tell us something about how it helped you.

5 responses to “Don’t look back”

    • “young folks see and read” yea I know & their
      not totally focused in life till they are around
      25-30 then 1/2 their lives are just about over.

      “Gayle! It hits home for me” it did for me as well
      that’s why I thought it would be 1 worth sharing
      glad you enjoyed it, & both my blogs thank you.

      I don’t get much action on my blogs & it makes
      me feel like I’m not doing something right but
      what I have no clue & not sure how to change it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yea that’s the left doing that crap
        I got kicked off fb last year & haven’t
        been able to get back on & I’m
        glad cause it’s all under the left.

        I can’t afford to hire any 1 & don’t
        trust any 1 to make a website not
        in these days we’re in too risky.


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