Where R they coming from?

Hello Everyone, how you all doing? hope you all had a great new years
hope you also had a great Xmas & you got everything you wanted too
we stayed home & just cooked, ate & slept the 2 days away just for gp.

Now we are under a cold few days & we’re just hunkered in till pay day
cause we have no need to be out in the cold weather like it is as boring
as that may be, we’re pretty use to it since living in Indiana 12-13 yrs. šŸ˜ž

I wrote a blog awhile back about mice coming in & I can’t find where
they are coming in at, Since that blog I’ve lost count of how many I’ve
caught since the blog but I bought 3 pks of mice sticky pads 2 per pack.

invasion of critters

Since I bought the sticky mouse pads I’ve caught like 7-8 of them so far
if I keep catching them like I am I’m going to have to buy more pads &
I’m thinking instead of the mouse pads do something else to get them.

Simple and effective Mouse Trap I would make something like this but
not the way this was made, I’d make it from something I KNEW they
couldn’t get out of over night & catch a lot more of them at 1 time. šŸ‘

We can’t wait to get out of this place & into another place that will
be in a better location & less trees, more yard, & flat ground where
we can be more active than we have been since living in Indiana.

If all works out for us, we’ll have this place paid for & be working
on getting into another place within the year & our NEW LIFE will
begin with a whole new way of living & it’s going to be AWESOME.

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