Is it that time Already?

Time never stands still

Has any 1 else heard about this? or am I the only 1 to find out it’s that
time already? what time am I talking about? time to update our computers
service to keep up with the technology of today’s world, what happened
to the good old days B-4 computers.

They have taken over society, from how it was 50 yrs ago back in days
where talking on the front porch face to face was a real thing & hanging
out in the back yard talking to your neighbors across the fence to kill
some time B-4 it was time to cook dinner.

Now they are talking about how windows 11 is changing & how good it
is to have it I don’t know how you feel about change when it comes to
technology & so on, but me it’s like driving something I have never
drove type think, & it scares me a bit.

Should you upgrade to Windows 11? This video isn’t that long & I just
thought maybe if you haven’t heard about this I’d share it with you &
maybe ask a few questions I have about switching over, if you know
anything about this type of stuff that is.

The questions I have is this, if you have things on your computer you
don’t want to lose & you switch over to the new version do you get to
keep what you don’t want to lose or do you lose it & have to start all
over again? that’s my questions.

If any 1 can answer that for me that would be awesome, cause I’d sure
hate to lose everything I have that’s on my computer that is HARD to
get back that I dearly a 100% NEED like all my accts & phone #’s & info
I have that I can’t lose.

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