15 degrees & dropping

keep your pets warm

I hope everyone is keeping warm, I live in Indiana & it’s super cold
it’s 15 degrees & the wind chill is 10 degrees, my heaters are working
overtime to keep my place warm & I’m wearing a Bennie on my head.

I’m also wearing a surgical glove on 1 hand to keep it warm cause it’s
the 1 I type with on my online keyboard, why a surgical glove? cause
it keeps my hand warm better than regular gloves & easy for typing.

I have bronchitis so I have to stay warm or I’ll get sick & I can’t have
that cause the dogs & hubby would be lost without me so that I can’t
have happen, so I stay as warm as I can stand which is about 70 Degrees.

As for the dogs goes their good, I made sure they have extra straw in
their house’s & we keep a eye on their water cause it freezes up so
we don’t fill them up so that gives some space to add more water.

It’s suppose to be in the 40’s next week which is a lot warmer for me
to fill all the feeders up to the max & that will give them 2 wks of food
till I have to refill them back up again which works out good for me.

I keep a eye on their food when I know it’s getting close to the 2 week
mark to feeding time cause their feeders holds 25 lbs. of feed & I do
mix their feed so they don’t get board eating the same food & so far
they haven’t had any issues with it & they keep a good weight too.

So yea we are doing fine, just staying in out of the cold & staying warm
& looking forward to the warm days & counting the weeks till we can
can get the word the place we’re looking to get is ready to buy, can’t wait.

So as soon as we hear anything about getting the place I’ll let you know
& if & when we move I’ll be offline for awhile to get things all in order &
situated in place, we won’t know till around May if not sooner, who knows.

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