“Signs of the times”

People, rather you realize it or not times are changing FAST & BADthere’s things going on that we NEVER thought could happen in our  LIFETIME & now it’s HERE, wars in Israel, gas shortage, job losses ext. The list just keeps GROWING day by day week by week & why is that? Well, that’s a GOOD question, lookContinue reading ““Signs of the times””

It’s time to think about the FUTURE

The time has come to think OUTSIDE THE BOX, things have went off the wall people, l know what it’s like to be homeless & homeowner’s, so I’ve GAVE UP HOMEOWNERSHIP & NOT GOING TO BE HOMELESS EITHER ever again! ! So what do I mean to think outside the box? that can cover a lot of scenario’s. Like for STARTERS BidenContinue reading “It’s time to think about the FUTURE”