20 years later 9-11

I have always honored our country, our flag, our faith in God almighty I believe in what’s right, I believe in freedom, I believe in JUSTICE & peace, I honor the constitution of America, but there’s a Fine line in all the above, & since 2001 that fine line is getting bigger every year. ToContinue reading “20 years later 9-11”

Being broke sucks

Hello Readers, We’ve all been there at 1 time or another atsometime in our lives & we do the best we can to pull out of it, by what ever means possible to get on top of things. Being broke sucks cause you have to really buckle down to change how things are going toContinue reading “Being broke sucks”

What do you do?

What do you do when you can’t do anything else?I am at a loss, on what to do or who to talk to on what I’m trying to get done, I have tried everything I knowto do what needs to be done and getting nowhere.  The two main things I’m trying to do at one time Continue reading “What do you do?”


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