Raising Bait fish

To raise fish you eat you have to have feeder fish for food & to have Bait fish you have to have a big enough tank  for themto have feeder fish you have to have a place to raise them. To have all this work together you have to be smart about it1s things 1st, fishContinue reading “Raising Bait fish”

{DIY} Bait Tanks

For those that love to fish with live bait or cut bait, this will be just the blog for you, this will give you all the tips & tricks & help you can have on keeping them alive, with DIY bait tanks that can be made cheap & easy to do just that. Bait tanksContinue reading “{DIY} Bait Tanks”

Work in Demand

With todays times of how the economy is going & what’s to come in thefuture whos to say offline jobs will be available like the online jobs arefor any & every 1 that is interested in getting extra cash in their hands. The main thing to remember & keep in mind is the scams thatContinue reading “Work in Demand”

Weighing the odds

Weighing the odds coves a lot of things in life, rather it be something todo with water, or a job, your family, your very piece of mind, it all comesto weighing the odds at some point & time just like we all have choices. This has to do with a little of your peace ofContinue reading “Weighing the odds”

“Signs of the times”

People, rather you realize it or not times are changing FAST & BADthere’s things going on that we NEVER thought could happen in our  LIFETIME & now it’s HERE, wars in Israel, gas shortage, job losses ext. The list just keeps GROWING day by day week by week & why is that? Well, that’s a GOOD question, lookContinue reading ““Signs of the times””

Love your Spouse

Your spouse is your rock, that will do everything they can for you Treat them like you do yourself, not like a stranger on the street Did you know that if you write them a love letter it changes things. A love letter doesn’t have to be all mushy & crazy, you take the Time & think aboutContinue reading “Love your Spouse”


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