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Time to kick back & relax a spell

Well from what I can tell, we are DONE with the bills & food πŸ‘we did the bills the other day & some things we needed & we skipped on the food till today, which was a MUST DO THING ! ! ! So the bills are taken care of for the month & we’re […]

This is OFF THE CHARTS <hit this link to hear πŸ‘‚ to this craziness if you don’t want to learn about how people are being treated by the gov’t, This isn’t for you. but for those that ARE wanting to know & get the truth. You may have to copy the link I don’t know, but MAN-OH-MAN😱 it’s crazyI […]

Time is Ticking πŸ•₯

Today was off to a COLD start but ended with a BANG! ! today was bill day so we got that out of the way, put some $ In a safe hiding place for later went & had a talk with a mortgage broker about a VA loan on a place. That was the BEST […]

Things are getting HEATED πŸ˜ 

This pretty much sums up what I was talking about in my last blog I wrote earlier today, if any 1 watched the videos I had on there, Things aren’t going too good. 😞 Federal Reserve in the ‘worst’ position If any 1 knows the federal reserve about crunching #’s & how it all goes […]

Why Argue about it, Lets FIX IT

I get so enraged about how people on you tube argue over stuff they have no idea what they are arguing about & it blows my mind if people would just have some “COMMON SENSE” they’d get it. I’m so disgusted over what the gov’t has put us ALL THROUGH these past few yrs I’m […]

Found a new site to play with

No I’m not leaving word press, I have a Pinterest acct & have been checking out some fish post & info & photos of ponds & tanks & so on, 1 of the emails they sent me caught my attention & I signed up. It’s pretty cool, I’m still learning the site & the way […]

The BEST news EVER ! !

πŸ‘Hold the press ! ! ! The news has a new spin on how things are changing from what’s been going on to what’s fixing to come to light & it’s about time when the righteous are in authority, people rejoice: when the wicked rules the people mourn. Proverbs 29:2 Biden’s days in office is […]

Stores are getting skimpy

Has anyone else noticed the shelves at the stores lately & or the work staff at the big food chain stores lately ? I sure haveit’s not looking good that’s for sure & makes me a little worried. I’ve been seeing less & less items at the stores I shop in & Ijust heard our […]


I have a thing about ponds, streams, creeks, awesome water features rather there man made or designed by nature it’s self, they always get my attention. I can never seem to get tired of looking & dreaming about having 1 where I can just sit & gaze into no-mans land they are so cool. Say […]

I don’t do high places

How many of you are like me hate being on high places? I have to close my eyes when I go on any bridges it freaksme out so bad, if I had to drive over 1 I couldn’t do it. Has any 1 ever been on any of these bridges here? if so did you […]


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